As a visual artist I would rather show my work than talk about it, but In short my work is about my surroundings. I paint about the world I see and my response to it, identifying and focusing on the elements that are central to my response. I am fascinated by, time, form, space, colour, movement, rhythm and texture. My intent is to communicate about the qualities I experience and emotions I derive from my environment. I hope to elicit a response from viewers which is a balance between intellectual and emotional engagement. For me, it is achieving that balance point that defines a work of art.
My style of painting varies in accordance to my response to any subject. My painting is changing and evolving all the time, the process of mark making and the qualities of paint on canvas or paper has become more central to my work. Currently I am predominantly using egg tempera, acrylic or water colour.

I have been based in North East Scotland for over twenty five years. There is never a day that I am not stunned by the visual complexity of my surroundings and challenged to find a way to interpret what I see into a two dimensional form.

During the sixties I attended art school, but on leaving college I pretty soon realised I'd have to take paid employment to survive. To be honest this resulted in decades of varied and often interesting work. Although I always maintained a strong interest in art and managed to occasionally produce work, I found it impossible to develop my creative practice and maintain a job at the same time. I am now free from employment and relieved to be able focus on the serious stuff.

Most of the work on this site is for sale, please contact me if you are interested.

Hope you enjoy.
You may also know the artist Hazel Prichard as Hazel Weeks. I paint under my maiden name, that's how I started out and that's how I'll continue.
Many folk spell Pritchard with a 't', but I find it perfectly adequate without.